Our Mission

~ we are all interconnected threads woven into the fabric of our shared world ~

Sustainability is an admirable goal. A necessary one. But it’s not enough.

Before we find ourselves in a position to sustain the way things are, we need to regenerate – to heal our relationship with the water, the land and each other.

We believe that fair, climate-beneficial clothing is a possibility and that now, more than ever, is the time to make fashion a force for good.

Meet the Team

Sara, Designer

Our Iranian born designer & creative director, Sara, has always been heavily inspired by folklore, mythology and antiquity. With sustainability as the aim, she infuses art & fashion to explore abstract themes of spirituality, dreamlike surrealism and ancient symbolism.

Sarah, Director

As an advocate for soil regeneration, Sarah created Solai with the goal of using fashion as a tool to combat climate change. The business was born from a determination to prove that fashion could be exciting and modern whilst also being ethically-made & beneficial to our environment.

Farm to Closet

We are incredibly proud to partner with a collective of farmers & artisans in Erode, Tamil Nadu, who practice traditional methods of regenerative agriculture to grow our clothing fibres.

This system of farming uses techniques that work in harmony with nature, in order to revive the land and create a carbon sink in the soil. Not only is this an effective way of combatting Climate Change, but also an homage to indigenous wisdom and a profound healing process between people & planet.

The lifecycle of our clothing is designed to come full circle – soil to soil. When each piece reaches the end of its life, it can be returned to the earth where the nutrients are recycled and the cycle can begin again.


Each fabric is handwoven using the age-old handloom technique, which is a magnificent process to behold. Although it’s more time consuming than using a machine, the meticulous craft uses barely any power, relying instead on a great deal of skill and experience.



Wearable Art

We curate small-scale collections that are made up of discarded / pre-loved materials, breathing new life into the old & forgotten.

Sara uses a variety of techniques such as de-reconstruction, patchwork, appliqué, embroidery and dyeing with herbs & botanicals.


Every one-of-a-kind piece is carefully crafted here in our London studio.

Our Atelier

The city of Galati in Romania is home to our atelier, near the beautiful Danube river.

Every offcut is saved so that it can be appliquéd, patchworked or even upcycled into accessories!

These are the talented women that cut & sew every piece and operate the atelier. Each lady is paid at least a living wage in accordance with the benchmark established by Wage Indicator.

A view of the Danube River in Galati, a few minutes away from the atelier