Our Mission

At Solai, our goal is to craft sustainably-made wearable art, each piece steeped in the myths & legends that connect us to our primal roots and spark our inner magic. Our vision is to create fashion that does more than dress a body—we see it as a psychological tool that invokes the most powerful archetypal energies residing within us, from the Siren to the Empress, to the Alchemist and beyond. Our commitment to protecting the earth is at the very core of what we do, and we are always ensuring that each garment is as kind to the planet as it is empowering to the wearer.

Meet the Team

Sara, Designer

Our Iranian born designer & creative director, Sara, has always been heavily inspired by folklore, mythology and antiquity. With sustainability as the aim, she infuses art & fashion to explore abstract themes of spirituality, dreamlike surrealism and ancient symbolism.

Sarah, Director

Sarah created Solai with the goal of using fashion as a tool to combat climate change. The business was born from a determination to prove that fashion could be modern and empowering whilst also being ethically-made & beneficial to our environment.

The city of Galati in Romania is home to our atelier, near the beautiful Danube river.

Our offcuts are saved so that they can be appliquéd, patchworked or even upcycled into accessories and other garments!

These are the talented women that cut & sew every piece at the atelier, and Lulu (centre), our Operations Manager. Each lady is paid at least a living wage in accordance with the benchmark established by Wage Indicator.

A view of the Danube River in Galati, a few minutes away from the atelier