The REVIVE Project

As society’s hunger for newness seems to ever-increase, the fashion industry has presented us with an alarming problem: tonnes upon tonnes of textile waste. In the UK, a staggering 350,000 tonnes (around £140 million worth of clothing) ends up in landfills every single year!⁣

What’s the first solution? Buy less & buy better. Make worthwhile investments and make your beautiful clothes last. ⁣

Still, as a brand that champions sustainability, we wanted to address this problem in some small, creative manner. How? One word: Upcycling. ⁣

Upcycling takes second-hand pieces of clothing and transforms them into new items with added value.⁣

By reinventing pre-loved garments, we not only save precious resources and curb the release of greenhouse gases, but also offer you the chance to have something totally unique in your closet. ⁣
Reduce, Reuse, REVIVE!⁣


Custom Upcycling

If you have an item of clothing in need of a revamp or if you're looking to give a creative and personalised gift, look no further!

You can send your item to our studio and tell us what kind of thing you want us to create for you. Whether it's something specific or not, we'll custom create the perfect piece specially for you or a loved one!

Drop us an email at for more info with the subject CUSTOM UPCYCLING.

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